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ChekCoach is proudly partnered with Stark Consulting Group to provide our athlete protection certification. This new certification helps youth sports teams comply with the Safe Sport Act.

By adding the child sexual abuse prevention training, users will be one step closer to compliance with the Safe Sport Act, a new federal that focuses on child sexual abuse prevention and response in amateur youth sports. Officially called the “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017,” the law requires amateur youth sports organizations that participate in interstate or international competition to report known or a reasonable suspicion of abuse to law enforcement within 24 hours, and implement policies, procedures and training to minimize the risk of abuse to minor athletes.

The child sexual abuse prevention training was developed by Stark Consulting Group, which focuses on helping amateur youth sports organizations get into compliance with the Safe Sport Act by writing policies & procedures and providing training that are evidence-informed and based on best practices in child protection.

“This training helps anyone working with amateur youth sports teams understand the laws surrounding child sexual abuse and their responsibilities. Coaches and volunteers learn practical ways to reduce the risk of abuse within an amateur youth sports team and how to legally and properly respond to a disclosure or suspicion of abuse,” said Toby Stark, founder and president of Stark Consulting Group. Stark has earned a national reputation as a child advocate and child sexual abuse prevention expert.

Visit www.starkcg.net to learn more about how youth sports organizations can minimize the risk of child sexual abuse among their young athletes.

Stark Consulting Group

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