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Your Child's Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Competitive sports need consistent compliance, competent and knowledgeable coaches, and the ability to reduce risk within youth sports organizations. Our 25+ years of experience in club sports and risk consulting industry allows us to bring a level of accountability to competitive coaching. Organizations and club programs can establish coaching credibility while reducing risk. This also offers peace of mind for the parents of these child athletes.

ChekCoach is a collaboration that fills the void created by the vast number of competitive sports programs and the many coaches and volunteers needing to be vetted in order to work with youth teams. Club teams want to provide parents with knowledgeable coaches without risking the safety of the kids involved. Clubs want credible coaches that can focus on providing kids with skills that can be applied on and off the field. The founders of ChekCoach have over 25 years of expertise in running club sports teams and providing risk consulting services to help differentiate the top clubs.

Elimination of Potential Risk

ChekCoach has seen a lot of growth in competitive sports over the years. There are a vast number of teams, and with massive numbers comes a lack of reputable individuals to coach and volunteer. There is no barrier of entry into these organizations. Our mission is to provide affordable, accurate background checks on youth sports coaches to ensure the safety of the child athlete.

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