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Gators Baseball Academy

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Joshua Brannen

Certified 12/10/2019

Thomas Cordes

Certified 9/13/2019

Brian Curry

Certified 10/24/2019

Jason Dix

Certified 11/12/2019

Russell Dobbins

Certified 8/23/2019

James Fortman

Certified 10/9/2019

Dave Goewert

Certified 10/19/2019

Brett Heflin

Certified 9/19/2019

William Herman

Certified 10/5/2019

Chad Hull

Certified 10/1/2019

Brett Kinning

Certified 10/30/2019

Matthew Kirkpatrick

Certified 9/10/2019

Eric Levy

Certified 8/21/2019

Kern McMurtrie

Certified 10/11/2019

Steve Messmer

Certified 9/9/2019

John Moad

Certified 9/10/2019

Steven Purdy

Certified 9/9/2019

Stephen Ratcliff

Certified 9/10/2019

Rich Schardan

Certified 7/27/2020

Todd Schroeder

Certified 9/17/2019

Joseph Siterlet

Certified 7/1/2020

Peter Vas

Certified 9/9/2019

Troy Walker

Certified 9/12/2019

David Warner

Certified 10/11/2019

Trevor Yates

Certified 10/2/2019

* All background checks will be provided by Accurate Background in the certification process. ChekCoach, LLC has no input in the result of the reports.

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