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Midwest Mavericks

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Aaron Alexander

Certified 5/1/2023

Adam Brown

Certified 9/8/2023

Ryan Farmer

Certified 9/15/2023

Jared Fisher

Certified 11/3/2023

Kurt Friesen

Certified 9/15/2023

Wesley Garrett

Certified 9/14/2023

Jonathan Gibbens

Certified 11/13/2023

Benjamin Graham

Certified 9/12/2023

Brandon Hood

Certified 12/18/2023

David Jacobson

Certified 9/8/2023

Chris Kleinfeld

Certified 9/13/2023

Logan Labby

Certified 3/7/2024

Paul Marsala

Certified 9/12/2023

Curtis Mattson

Certified 9/13/2023

Todd Myers

Certified 11/30/2023

Brett Payne

Certified 9/12/2023

Robert Rodgers

Certified 10/8/2023

David Taggart

Certified 9/9/2023

David Taratuta

Certified 2/26/2024

Michael Taylor

Certified 7/19/2023

Rick VanAntwerp

Certified 9/12/2023

* All background checks are provided by Accurate Background during the certification process. ChekCoach, LLC has no input in the result of the reports.

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